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Welcome to the Just Dandy Clothing blog!

I must say that photographing product has to be one of the more painstaking tasks of running a web store.  I debated long and hard about how exactly I wanted to present the clothing.  Flat on a white background?  On a mannequin?  Or - gulp - delightfully presented on real, living models?

I opted for the mannequin route.  They neither fuss nor do they get flustered in front of the camera.  They do not pout about holding a pose for too long.  I can manipulate them to my heart's content and they maintain their serene, neutral expression.  And best of all, they can be male or female, as the occasion requires.  Handy, no?

On the other hand, the very neutrality of their form and visage makes them look maddeningly indifferent to the effort I expend in making them look good.  I can primp and fuss, and they look....bored.  I tuck a hand in the pocket here, and he looks.....bored.  I bend her leg ever so slightly and fluff her skirt, and she looks....bored.  No amount of effort can take the blank look off of her face!  She just continues standing there, mildly amused at my antics and determined to keep a stiff upper lip through multiple clothing and gender changes.  

Yet I have to hand it to my oatmeal-hued models.  They are the epitome of long-suffering patience.  Without them, I would have to resort to styling my own children.  And I cannot imagine the mounds of candy it would take to mold them into suitable models.  Someday, I might debut them online wearing Just Dandy fashion.  But for now, I am content to employ Paul and Polly (as the occasion requires) as my models.

I wish you all a good weekend!


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