It's been so long!

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Hi Everyone!

This blog has experienced an extended period of abject neglect and it's high time I remedied this sorry situation.  The last narrative was posted when I was still our old location.  Suffice it to say, I've been at my current location for nearly 6 years!  I'll do my best to post regular and timely updates from now on. ;-)

That being said, I've got some exciting news!  I'm currently in the process of reworking the layout and look of my online store.  This project has been a long time coming.  I've avoided, ignored and wholly minimized the need for a giant retooling of my web-store.  But the time is finally here.

Yes, the project is a big one, but as I've dug into the guts of this digital renovation, I realize that it's quite an engaging and energizing process.  It has forced me to invest a fair bit of time into actually thinking about the business of selling.  What mood do I want to project?  How do I convey my excitement about the clothing brands that I sell to my customers?  And perhaps most important, how do keep forward momentum when I get bogged down in the "boring" aspects of running a business?  Pondering these questions has reminded me that I really love what I do.  I got into this business for the fashion, but I stay here for my customers and the relationships we've built together.

Well, it's time I got back to uploading and retooling my website.  In the meantime, I've attached a sneak peek at our new look! It is a rough draft of one of the header images.  The white space on the left is where the headline and clickable button will be located.



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