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51333 Rowanna Crescent, Chilliwack, BC, V4Z 0C3


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Just Dandy Clothing is a European clothing store in Chilliwack, BC, Canada.  Our goal is to provide our customers with stylish clothing for both women and children.  We are pleased to welcome you to our website and hope you enjoy visiting here often.  You can keep in touch with us via our Contact page or you can get the latest Just Dandy Clothing news by visiting our blog or our page on Facebook by clicking here 

How it all began:

Just Dandy Clothing was born out of my desire to find stylish, modest clothing for both myself and my children.  As a mom of six children, I have little patience for lengthy shopping sprees.  When my children were all young, I had a fairly easy time finding attractive clothing for them without too much effort.  However, as they have grown, I have found it more and more difficult to find clothing for them.  As their figures changed, so did their taste in clothing.  And as their tastes changed, I found myself increasingly frustrated at how difficult it was (and is) to dress them.  I found myself longingly browsing Dutch websites, envious at the selection available in Europe.  There, manufacturers seem to understand both mothers and children.  Why - I thought - couldn't those same brands be available here?  So, with the encouragement of my husband and teen daughters, Just Dandy Clothing was established.  

Our children's brands

All our children's clothing is imported from Europe.  We have various brands with different price points.  Dirkje and DJDutchJeans are wonderful brands for children on the go.  They specialize in easy-care knits, infant basics and party wear, as well as boys denim and button-down shirts.  Bampidano and ZieZoo are labels especially for girls.  Both feature attractive details and sturdy construction.  S. Company and it's sister label Porto Azul are true designer brands for both girls and boys.  The beauty of these labels are that they are so well-suited for preteen and teenaged children.  Their clothing stands out for it's classic details and impeccable construction.  AWKidswear (for both boys and girls) is another label that embodies style without fussyness.  Finally, Paglie is a beautiful German brand that features adorable prints, sturdy basics and sweet toddler wear. You can find more information about our clothing under the "Our Brands" tab.


Do you live in the Lower Mainland?

We know that nothing compares to handling and trying on clothing in person.  While we strive to provide accurate sizing and clear product photos, we know that it can be hard to choose clothing in cyberspace.  If you live in or near Chilliwack, you are heartily welcome  to visit Just Dandy Clothing in person.  We are open afternoons, Wednesday through Saturday.   You are also welcome to order from our website.  We will waive the shipping charges if you are able to pick up the order yourself.  Just enter the code NoShip in the promo code area at checkout.  


We have moved!

We have moved from our Hope River Road location to 51333 Rowanna Crescent.  From Hwy 1, take the Annis Road exit and head east on Hack Brown Road.  Rowanna Crescent is on the left, about 1 km past Unity Christian School. 


Our regular store hours:

Wednesday                12pm - 5pm

Thursday                    12pm - 5pm

Friday                         12pm - 5pm

Saturday                     10am - 2pm